Your partner in contract development and manufacturing

Bioglan was founded as a research company in 1984. The company turned into a contract development and manufacturing company during the 1990-is and the beginning of the 21st century.

Bioglan is today part of Reig Jofré Group, Spain ( and has >50 employees.

The contract manufacturing together with the production of own brands constitute today the main source of revenues. The contract development revenues have been growing rapidly during the last five years and contract development is now a new focus area.

The success of Bioglan is built upon…

  • a strong platform and long history with pharmaceuticals.
  • a high capacity production site which is flexible.
  • an organisation and staff with decades of experience in product development and manufacturing.
  • efficient production and handling processes, carefully planned to assure the highest quality and reliability.
  • excellent expertise in semi-solid and solutions.
  • dedicated personnel with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • strategic alliances with other companies.
  • our location in Medicon Valley, the Öresund region consisting of Zeeland in Denmark and Skåne in Sweden.