Nitview Ledcomb

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Nitview® Ledcomb – for easy identification and treatment of Head lice

Nitview® Ledcomb is an internationally patented product that incorporates an ultraviolet light (400-405nm, light range naturally visible to the human eye) and detachable comb with micro-channeled teeth for the effective removal of both lice and nits.

The lice, their eggs and nits glow under the UV light making them very easy to find amongst the hairs and then remove with the comb.

UV light is absorbed by chitin, a major constituent of the ‘shell’ of lice and nits. Chitin emits fluorescence during exposure to UV which makes the insects glow.

Nitview® Ledcombs light unit can be used separately to detect lice and nits on surfaces they are likely to infest such as pillows, couches, hair brushes etc.

How to use Nitview® Ledcomb

Untagle hair and use Nitview® Ledcomb on dry or slightly damp hair. Insert the teeth of the comb to the root of the hair and pull through to the ends. Clean the comb between each section and check for live lice. Repeat for the whole head.

Repeat the operation in the subsequent days, each 3rd day for a period of 2 weeks, to ensure total extraction as the cycle of nits (from lice to the evolution of nits) is about 7-10 days.

Detach the comb and use torch to inspect places where nits are likely to infest like bed, sofa, hair brush etc.

After each use, remove the comb and clean thoroughly rinsing it with water and soap, especially when it is going to be used on several people.

Nitview® Ledcomb is best used in low light.


Nitview® Ledcomb is a medical device. Always read user instructions carefully before starting treatment.

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