BLOX4® relieves allergy symptoms and nasal dryness

BLOX4® is a nose spray that relieves nasal allergic symptoms caused by pollen and house dust mite allergy 1-3. BLOX4® also relives dry and irritated noses by the content of moisturizing and hydrating substances.

BLOX4® acts as a thin protective barrier on the nasal mucosa where it encapsulates airborne allergens, like pollen, house dust mites etc. and thereby counteract nasal allergic symptoms. The effect of BLOX4® is immediate and lasts for several hours.

BLOX4® is patented and developed by Swedish doctors and allergy researchers. The product does not contain any active substance and is free from preservatives which makes it a gentle choice for the body. BLOX4® can be used by pregnant and lactating women.

BLOX4® works in the full range from mild to moderate and severe allergies and can therefore be used as a single treatment alternative for mild discomfort and as a base treatment supplemented with other anti-allergic treatments for severe allergies.

How to use BLOX4®

Apply one pump in each nostril, 1-3 times daily. Aim diagonally outwards in the nostril for best effect. Do not sniff during application; the product will spread itself on the nasal surface.


Size: 200 doses


BLOX4® is a medical device. Always read the leaflet carefully before starting treatment.

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